Teen CS Leaders

    Teen CS Leaders


    This October, 4‑H will launch the 2019 National Youth Science Day (NYSD) challenge, Game Changers. Designed by Google and West Virginia Extension service, Game Changers teaches kids ages 8-14 how to use computer science (CS) to create games, solve problems and engage with topics they’re passionate about.

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    NYSD Teen CS Leaders "Game Changers" 

    We invite 4-H CS Pathway teens to register for a free National Youth Science Day (NYSD) kit! We encourage teams of at least two teens and an adult adviser to receive training, plan, and host their own NYSD events in their community in the month October. In exchange for free kits and training, teens will share report a brief report (with photos) of their events.

    The group who makes the biggest impact in their community will be awarded a $1000 grant to further their local CS program. Impact can be defined as the largest number of NYSD events implemented, total number of youth reached, or most innovative or creative partnerships.


    Click below for several trainings on National Youth Science Day 2019!

    NSYD 2019 Trainings

    Teen CS Leaders should complete this form when the complete the NYSD 2019 work. The challenge ends Oct 31st 2019 with the final report due by Nov 15th 2019.

    NYSD 2019 Final Report Form