First Steps of CS Pathway Program

    First Steps of CS Pathway Program

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    CS can be a rewarding endeavor for a 4-H Program. For many, working with CS and computational thinking (CT) projects and concepts will be new and can be intimidating. While the concepts might look  and sound complex in reality we practice CT in our everyday lives. This at the core is what 4-H CS is about, using CS/CT to develop life skills that will help young people not only in their career endeavors but their life goals as well.


    4-H Computer Science Playbook

    The purpose of the CS Playbook is to provide elements of 4-H Positive Youth Development in tandem with the latest CS resources and activities. It also provides guidance for incorporating CS into various 4-H delivery modes or content areas, and may serve as a blueprint for 4-H educators, volunteers and teen leaders to integrate CS into any aspect of the 4-H experience.

    You can download the full Playbook or navigate the menus below which have the Playbook split into sections along with direct links to some Playbook resources.

    Click Here to Download the CS Playbook


    First Steps of CS Pathway Program


    • How to use the 4-H CS Playbook & What is CS/CT? (link to pages 3-6)

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