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    4-H Computer Science Playbook

    The purpose of this Playbook is to provide elements of 4-H Positive Youth Development in tandem with

    the latest CS resources and activities. It also provides guidance for incorporating CS into various 4-H

    delivery modes or content areas, and may serve as a blueprint for 4-H educators, volunteers and teen

    leaders to integrate CS into any aspect of the 4-H experience.


    A Playbook is a book put together by a coaching staff, to provide team members instructions for the

    various plays to be used in “the game.” In this case, the goal of the game is to provide youth with

    meaningful CS experiences. Like football, CS education experiences are best designed with a variety of

    play options. As you utilize the 4-H CS Playbook, think about your current situation, resources and desired

    short- and long-term outcomes. Additionally, “Playbook Coach Tips” woven throughout the guide will give

    you tips and guiding questions to make the most of the resource.

    The Playbook is not a curriculum or a comprehensive guide. Instead, it is a quick start guide to gain some

    basic understanding of the 4-H C.


    CS Playbook

    Watch Decklan's story to see how computer science goes beyond the screen of a computer.

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