NYSD 2019 Game Changers

    NYSD 2019 Game Changers

    National Youth Science Day Game Changers teaches kids ages 8-14 how to use computer science (CS) to create games, solve problems and engage with topics they’re passionate about. Educators are using NYSD to spark youth interest in CS and promote the 4-H experiential learning model.

    In West Virginia 4-H, funding to supply 500 free kits to West Virginia schools, libraries, and afterschool programs was provided by the STEM-CARE initiative. STEM-CARE is a collaboration between Mylan and West Virginia University to develop and implement programming to instill a growth mindset in West Virginia’s youths through personal application of problem-solving skills gained from science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). No matter the issue at hand, students will grow in their confidence and intellect, ultimately making them more curious, active, resilient, and engaged (CARE). More information on this initiative can be found here

    Additionally, WVU is hosting several train-the-trainer and direct events across the state through the month of October. Last year we reached over 7,000 kids using this model, distributing only 375 kits. We hope to reach over 10,000 this year!

    In California 4-H, in Santa Clara County in the month of October, the Santa Clara County 4-H Office is putting on two different National Youth Science Day Events to engage youth in computer science and computational thinking activities and concepts. 

    The first event was held on October 4th at one of our partner schools, Escuela Popular Dual Language Learning Academy in San Jose, CA, and was funded by the National 4-H Council in partnership with Lockheed Martin. At this event, 71 fourth and fifth grade students taught each other their versions of Program your Playground and Hack Your Harvest in spanish, after having been taught the activities during computer science programming at the school. These youth were taught by 13 spanish-speaking Teen Teachers who conducted the computer science instruction entirely in Spanish, and had themselves learned and engaged with the NYSD material as well.

    The second event was held on October 20th at Google in Mountain View, CA, and has been planned and led by Santa Clara County’s CS Pathway Teen Team, with the support of 4-H volunteers and staff. At this event, these 4 Teen Teachers led and engaged youth in all three NYSD activities, and reached at least 100 youth. 

    CS programming can be a beneficial addition to your out-of-school and/or club programming. NYSD Game Changers makes it easy to get kids started in CS and how to apply computational thinking to common problems. Challenge yourself to reach as many youth as you can using NYSD Game Changers! Use the resources on https://4-hcspathway.org//index to start your own 4-H CS program today!


    Questions about any of the programs mentioned in this post? Email: 4hcsadvisory@gmail.com 

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